Evolution E-type Coupe – Windsor Grey





Evolution E-types is dedicated to restoring the iconic Jaguar E-type to concours standards and beyond, for a truly unforgettable, innovative and modernised driving experience.

Finished in the historic Windsor Grey, this steel body Coupe is the latest Evolution E-type hand-crafted at their headquarters in Darlington, England. A striking Regency Red interior makes for a truly stunning combination.

The Evolution powertrain requires in excess of 500 hours of labour via a specialist team of engine builder’s at Evolution’s headquarters. The original 3.8L XK engine has undergone a comprehensive rebuild process and has been stroked to 4.2L, ensuring that the free revving nature synonymous with the XK engine’s character has been preserved and further enhanced. The Evolution 5-speed gearbox is specified to allow the driver to deploy modern performance with analogue engagement.

The interior comprises of Regency Red extended leather, Evolution touring seats, an aluminium textured centre console with leather trim and full stainless steel hardware. The interior footwell features a stainless steel pedal box, offering high levels of  analogue engagement. Completing the interior is a period accurate infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity.

This Evolution E-type Coupe features a masterfully re-engineered front and rear suspension package with upgrades that transform the drivability, road handling and comfort, whilst retaining the classic chassis elements. The Evolution Dual Servo Brake System, developed in collaboration with one of the world’s leading performance brake system manufacturers, compromises of 6 piston front billet and 4 piston rear billet aluminium callipers.

Retaining a high level of usability was a key aspect in the development of the Evolution E-type to ensure year-round usability. To further enhance touring capabilities, this Evolution E-type is fitted with heated front & rear windscreens, heated headlight screens, central locking, electric windows, air conditioning and the Evolution Adjustable Power Steering (EAPS) system.

Key Specification


Windsor Grey

Regency Red


Delivery Mileage

4.2L Evolution Engine

300 bhp



Five Speed Manual



  • Exterior paint in Windsor Grey
  • 480 hours paint and preparation
  • Full stainless steel ancillaries


  • Evolution touring seats
  • Evolution full leather interior in Regency Red
  • Leather trimmed boot
  • Aluminium textured centre console with leather trim
  • Full stainless steel hardware throughout cabin
  • Evolution stainless steel pedal box
  • Evolution polished alloy spinner


  • Evolution restored body shell with all new panels
  • 960 hours of body forming process
  • Evolution boot hinges with roller bearings
  • Stainless steel bonnet catch assembly


  • 2L Evolution Engine
  • 250 hours of hand-built preparation
  • Fully reworked original cylinder block and head
  • Renewed and uprated inlet and exhaust cams
  • Evolution designed and manufactured:
    • Cam followers
    • SU carburettor
    • Larger crank damper assembly
    • Flywheel
    • Bearings
    • Spun cast iron liners to original bore size
    • Stainless steel core plugs
    • High tensile fasteners
    • Original timing chains, tensioner, and guides
    • Upgraded rear seal
    • Valves, valve seats, guides, springs, and spring seats
    • Con rods
    • Bearings
    • Pistons and piston ring


  • Full stainless steel ancillaries throughout engine bay
  • Externally mounted electronic fuel pump conversion with in-line filter system
  • Lightweight high torque starter motor package
  • Aluminium radiator system with high performance fan
  • Waterless coolant upgrade
  • Performance air filter designed in collaboration with ITG Air Filters
  • Gearbox tunnel heat insulation
  • Harmonic crank damper
  • Evolution designed and manufactured:
    • Cam covers in billet aluminium
    • Electronic ignition system
    • Engine support chassis frames
    • Alloy water header tank refinished
    • Silicone water hoses and stainless steel hose clips
    • Radiator cooling fan, fan switch and housing conversion
    • Cooling fan switch and housing conversion
    • Fuel tank sump drain and in-line filter upgrade to avoid system blockages
    • Heater matrix and stainless steel internal bulkhead
    • Lightweight hi-power alternator, poly v-belt and aluminium pulley


  • Evolution exhaust system in austenitic stainless steel
  • Evolution heat shield


  • Adjustable Nitron shocks
  • Increased front camber offset top wishbone spindle conversion
  • Increased rear camber bronze bush upgrade
  • Evolution designed & manufactured:
    • Rear suspension springs
    • Front anti-roll bar and bushings
    • Spherical jointed radius arm conversion and anti-roll bar package
    • Rose-jointed front and rear anti-roll bar links
    • Torsion bars with adjustable front ride height conversion
    • Rear suspension cradle mounts & radius arm bushes
    • Polyurethane rack mounts to increase steering accuracy
    • Upper and lower front anodised steel wishbones with stainless steel shafts
    • Front suspension mounts anodised in aerospace-grade aluminium
    • Steering arm anodised in aerospace-grade aluminium


  • Evolution E-type 16” wheels in stainless steel
  • Michelin tyre upgrade to complement wider wheel


  • Six piston front calliper and vented brake discs
  • Four piston rear callipers and vented brake discs
  • Upgraded front and rear brake pads
  • High power brake servo with stainless steel heat shield
  • Rear brake cooling system
  • Adjustable brake bias valve installation
  • Stainless steel braided flexible brake hoses for firmer pedal and durability
  • Sport radius arms
  • Handbrake management light switch


  • Evolution five speed gearbox
  • Evolution custom and balanced prop shaft
  • Upgraded clutch and calibrated speedometer


  • Evolution Adjustable Power Steering (EAPS)
  • Electric windows
  • Electrical air conditioning system
  • Heated front and rear windscreens
  • Heated headlight screens
  • Period-accurate infotainment system
  • Enhanced sound system
  • Twin USB socket
  • Remote central locking
  • Security fuel pump immobiliser


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